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PF 2014

Установка печатных плат

Parameters of the SMT line

  • populating PCBs of max. size 450mm x 450 mm
  • size range of SMDs is from 01005 (0.5 x 0.25mm) up to 55 x 55 mm (resp. 75 mm)
  • accuracy of placement for chip based components ± 30 µm
  • In-line SMT line with conveyors and unloader
  • Pb-Free technology
  • washing of finalised PCBs
  • possibility of complete production including populating of classical electronic components and assembly

application of solder paste and glue

Automatic screen-print MOTOPRINT-AVS

  • high accuracy and repeatability of printing process, reliability
  • automatic system of optical centering
  • programmable speed and downforce of blade, vertical separation of PCB from stencil which prevents smudging of solder paste even in minute details
  • maximum frame size 600 x 600 mm, print format 360 x 400 mm

manual screen printing UNIPRINT

  • programmable downforce of guided blade
  • self-acting brake of guided blade
  • accurate separation of PCB and stencil after printing using dual rear pins
  • maximum size of frame 510 x 510 mm, print format 400 x 410 mm


Pick and place automatic machine ESSEMTEC CLM 9000

  • non-contacting centering of components by laser
  • size range of SMD enclosures
  • 0402 up to QFP components with pitch up to 0,3mm
  • dispenser for application of solder paste/glue
  • maximum size of PCB - 300 x 400 mm
  • practical populating speed up to 3000 SMDs/hour

Pick and place automatic machine SAMSUNG SM 321

  • centering of SMDs by camera
  • size range of SMDs is from 01005 (0.5 x 0.25mm) up to 55 x 55 mm (resp. 75 mm)
  • 6 pick and place heads, each one with its own camera
  • maximum size of PCB - 450 x 450 mm
  • practical populating speed up to 21 000 SMDs/hour


Reflow oven HELLER 1700 MKIII

  • 14 tempered zones and one cooling zone
  • selectable temperature up to 350°C
  • central support for large PCBs
  • software for monitoring and evaluation of temperature profiles

Selective wave soldering ERSA ECOSELECT 350

  • for discrete and continuous soldering (point by point/more point in a row)
  • effective for completion of PCBs by classical components and when PCBs are populated by SMDs on both sides
  • 2 soldering dual-jetted modules (Pb/Pb-Free)
  • high accuracy of soldering temperature (better than ± 1°C)
  • maximum PCB size 350 x 300 mm
  • protective atmosphere (nitrogen)
  • software for monitoring and evaluation of temperature profiles


Automatic PCB washer Super SWASH

  • high pressure jet against flat surface with maximum cleaning effect under components
  • continual monitoring of quality of cleaning agent
  • drying is realised by hot-air blade in temperatures reaching up to 120 C
  • software for feedback monitoring of process with indication of PCB

Drying up of components

Cabinet for drying up of componentsSuper Dry Cabinet SD-702

  • Controlled drying up of components before use
  • volume 680 l
  • possibility of vacuum packaging of components